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Salamandra Naturals I Organic and Naturals artisan soaps, skin care, aromatherapy, gifts, and more.


    Happy Halloween!!!

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                                         Why Go Organic?

Organic body and skin care products for a healthier You. 

Made with 100% certified plant extracts ONLY.

Contains NO extracts from animals (except for a goat milk powder) and not tested on animals.

We use and the food we eat. As they say "Health is Wealth".

If you are here, you care about yourself.

We would like to share with you our knowledge of Natural Health and Beauty Products.

No Parabens   No Artificial Colorants       No Synthetic Fragrances  

No Petroleum  No Sulfats       Gluten Free

Fully Vegetarian (except some soap bars)   No Artificial Preservatives  

We care about what we use everyday. Everyday the little things and actions affect us more that we know. That is why we need to be more careful in what we choose to use. If you are here, you care about yourself. Our skin is the largest organ capable of absorbing almost anything touching it. That is why we see nicotine and other patches. If you use common health and beauty products, your skin absorbs a great amount of their ingredients: including the harsh chemicals which may lead to skin damage and, most frightening, tissue and organ exposure to these chemicals. That's why we use only natural and organic ingredients to help ourselves and our bodies to have a chance to recover from years of abuse. The natural and organic ingredients are as important as the food we consume.

Only YOU want the best for your body.       

Make your skin beautiful and healthy.   



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