About Us

We take such a pleasure in making things such as the soaps, lotions, dead sea salts and more.

Ironically, but it all started with dry hands. We tried and used many different hand lotions every day and night. Then we tried to change the soaps we use. After many trials, we switched to handmade soaps and, later, tried something scarry - we tried to make a hand soap with our own oil blends. Later we realized that we stopped using hand lotion as often -  a couple of times a month.

A few years went by so quickly, and we already have a few more things to add to our soaps - lotions for skin and hands, especially for hands - the dry winter days do have an impact on our skin.

As with every of our products we use only organic and natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and many more. We do not use synthetic additives, chemicals or genetically engineered ingredients. We are the company, which is dedicated to providing the most natural and organic health beauty products.

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